Travelogue: Mall Road, Nainital
by Balrampur House Guest

By Anushka

A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with a bowl of extra hot & spicy Maggie for breakfast, something common in Nainital’s Mall road to start off your day. Since it’s considered as a ritual that if you’re in the Indian Himalayas and you haven’t eaten the street vendor’s Maggie then your visit is incomplete. Having carbs in the first meal is exactly what you need if you’re considering walking in the streets and shopping. In Nainital the scenery which captivates your eyes is like no other; the Naini lake surrounded by lush green mountains on one side and the other filled with the city’s buzzing market called “Mall Road” the name does justice to the place since it is actually similar to a mall just the only difference being the variety of shops since its considered as the best market for tourists and travels also a place I would call heaven for bag packers since you get everything you wish for in a budget and with a superb variety of goods such as mouthwatering desserts and food stalls, wooden works, woolen mufflers of all kinds of textures, Indian traditional clothing, and most importantly all kinds of scented candles from strawberry to rose to sandalwood and even must and mint. As you walk through the market almost every shop that you’ll visit you’ll meet various vendor’s who’ll ask you about your visit here and how has it been whether you’ve had lunch or would you like something to drink alongside your shopping. Since there are so many shops to visit if you grow tired you can always go forward and visit the lake sit by the banks or sit in a boat and enjoy your ride.

With the amount of shops to visit, scenery to look at and foods to try you won’t realize that it’s almost twilight with traffic and the increase in honking and traffic its best to move forward and end your shopping spree with dessert since there is no specific time set for it.
Towards the end of the exhausting day trip a nutritious and delicious meal is a must along with comfortable and relaxing bedding away from the crowd. With all these qualities available is the Balrampur house set about a kilometer uphill from the mall road with such a location which keeps you only a couple of minutes away from the city buzz but in a serene atmosphere.